Founder / Master Trainer

Kim is known for his highly energetic and charismatic personality, he took pride in giving the best workout experience to each of his clients. In addition to his role as a fitness instructor, he is a professional dancer/performer with 16 years of experience. Expect a customised and streamlined workout routine that caters to your body’s needs the moment you step into the session with him.

After 16 years as a trailblazer in the performing arts industry, Kim channels his creativity and passion to a career in fitness. Kim quickly developed a fiercely loyal following through teaching at various studios and gyms in the city. He's become well-known for his trademark playlists, charismatic personality and his intense (but fun!) teaching style. Kim's goal is for everyone to have fun and to make you forget that you’re working out, so you can’t go wrong with trying his classes! It's all about having fun, at your own pace, time and style!

"Fit isn’t a size - it’s a feeling!"